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The spells of Spellsworn are spread across 5 different discplines:

Offensive, Defensive, Area, Utility, and Travel.

The spells within each discipline share common traits, but each has its own unique effect and offers a strategic advantage when chosen. Additionally, each discipline has a soft limit preventing players from investing too heavily into just one.

Between each round, players can purchase, sell and upgrade their arsenal of spells. Each spell costs 10 to buy, 5 to upgrade, and can be upgraded twice. Spells can be sold for the full value of currency invested and can even be downgraded, allowing you to experiment and adapt to the round at hand without being punished for previous choices. Each upgrade improves the traits of the spell, for example, by reducing cooldowns, increasing the cast range, and increasing damage. With the received currency between each round being limited, you will need to make difficult but meaningful choices for the round ahead.