0.8.0 Spellsworn – Now in Alpha!

20161201-tldr-botupdateGreetings, traveller!

Today is a day of celebration as a major milestone has been reached on our road to completion – Spellsworn has now officially reached Alpha!

On this momentous occasion, we bring a massive bundle of new features to the game, including cosmetics, updated menus and more! So there’s plenty to celebrate and lots to do in this new update!

We certainly don’t want you to feel lonely on these cold winter nights as you keep warm at the lava side, so we’ve created some friends to keep you company… and warm! With this update, we’re proud to announce that bots are now fully available in Spellsworn, with 3 difficulties to choose from


Change Log



  • Added: Bots – pit yourself against AI-controlled, soulless opponents, available with three difficulty levels!
    Added: Level up rewards – new rewards have been added for reaching level milestones
  • Added: Staffs- 17 new staffs have been added to the game
  • Added: New Skins – 3 new skins have been added – Outcast, Arbiter and Enthralled
    Added: Non-damage dealing spells can still give you Assists

Other Changes

  • Renamed the ‘Standard Chest’ and the ‘Standard Key’ to ‘Plain Chest’ and ‘Plain Key’.
  • Improved the Customization Menu
  • Added: New skin icons
    Updated existing skin icons
  • Added: ‘Item dropped’-notification in the main menu
  • Newly dropped items has a small exclamation point icon attached to them
  • Added – Steam Trading Cards, providing badges, wallpapers and more

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed multiple crashes
    All players can now use the Invite button in lobby (previously only the host could invite)
  • All players can now see connection messages in the chat (previously only the host could see)
  • Fixed a bug causing player characters getting stuck in a T-pose.



We want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your love and support so far! We’re incredibly proud that we’ve been able to reach this massive moment and look forward to bringing you more!

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Looking forward to having you and the bots throw me into the lava!
‘Til next time!

-Frogsong Studios


0.7.13 Get more score!

Come in, and let me tell you about the new update. We are back again with a new patch adding some new cool features, a few tweaks, and as always a bucket full of smashed bugs. And as always we have still more awesomeness on the horizon.
Stay hyped!


Change Log



  • Changed the score system by adding “Damage done” to your total score.
    Tweaked the level progression to match the new increased XP gain.
    Added “Join in progress/Drop in” function. Check the box when you host to enable
    Updated the Match summary screen with more detailed experience information.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the game to crash for the host when a client left.
    Fixed a bug that made spell tooltips to not update properly causing them to want to use the wrong tooltip.
    The shop music on the cauldrun map is now using the music volume slider instead of the master volume one.
    Fixed bug causing the item reward screen in the match summary sometimes not being properly reset between matches.
    The server list should now always show correct numbers of players in a server.
    Fixed a bug causing the side scoreboards to sometimes disappear at the end of a round.

Spell Balancing

  • Changed homing missiles damage from 6/8/10 to 6/7/8.
    Homing missile now flies for a maximum of 5400 units.

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See you all in the arena!
(with SO MUCH score! You don’t even know!)
/Anders (@CannonFood)
-Frogsong Studios


0.7.11 Shedding Skin!

20161027-tldrWelcome back friend!
It feels good to be back on track with more regular updates once again. We have made some cool additions in this patch, like shop music for the Cauldron and item drop notifications. To top it all off we have a new big ol’ bucket of dead bugs.
One the most visible addition to 0.7.11 is the updated character models. I am quite proud of them so I hope you like them as much as I do!


Change Log


Bug fixes

  • Spell tool-tips have been fixed and added back in to the game.
    Fixed a bug that sometimes made clients see some of the hosts UI.
    Closing the options UI in game should now properly hide all sub-windows.
    Repaired projectile explosions not working when exploding inside of objects.
    Blink particle effect end spawn location repaired.
    Windwalk no longer makes you invulnerable to direct hits.
    Fetch can no longer move knockback immune targets (Phase Shift)
    The game scoreboards should now be displayed in the same order when having the same score for all clients and host.
    Crash fix for Windwalk, Speedboost and Fetch.
    Lockdown doesn’t get moved by Gravity ball anymore.
    The 5 kill sigil now gets awarded once instead of twice.
    Fixed an animation bug that would sometimes make characters assume the T-pose

Other Features

  • Added new music to the Cauldron’s Shop rounds.
    Added a visual notification on item drops in match summary.
    Updated project to Unreal engine to 4.13.
    New look to all character skins.
    Voice(VoiP) volume slider added.
    Added an effect to represent the duration of Speedboost (growing circle like windwalk & fetch)
    Item drop notification in match summary screen.
    Added descriptions on reward sigils to display what the player did to achieve them.
    Spectators can now join in the lobby as a player.

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Hope to see you in the arena!
(Basking in the glory of Jules new beard)
/Anders (@CannonFood)
-Frogsong Studios


0.7.10 Speeding things up

20161007-2-tldrHi! Glad to see you! Today we’re shaking things up a little. After some feedback and discussions we have decided to try out a rather big change to the pacing of the game.
By reducing the speed and cooldown of almost all spells (most notably the offensive category) we hope to speed things up and welcome more bating and tactics.

Apart from this there is a giant sack of smashed bugs coming along with it. So check it out and let us know what you think!

Updated Spell Cooldowns

  • Offensive

    Fireball (8/7/6)
    Frostbolt (8/7/6) + (2.0/2.5/3.0) duration
    Magic Missile (10/9/8)
    Crescent (10/9/8)
    Homing (10/9/8)
    Chakram (14/13/12)
    Bouncer (14/13/12)
    Shock (14/13/12)


    Counter Pulse (16/14/12)
    Energy Shield (14/13/12)
    Phase Shift (10/9/8) + (1.0/1.5/2.0) duration
    Rock Pillar (10/9/8)
    Time Anchor (18/17/16)

  • Area

    Meteor (16/15/14)
    Lightning (14/13/12)
    Acid Pool (14/13/12) + (6/6/6) duration


    Speed Boost (14/13/12)
    Windwalk (14/13/12) + (3/4/5) duration
    Chainhook (12/11/10)
    Gravity (16/15/14)
    Fetch (12/11/10)
    Lockdown (12/11/10)


    Blink (14/13/12)
    Charge (14/13/12)
    Swap (14/13/12)
    Dimension Gate (12/11/10)


    Immolate (6/5/4) (removed self damage)
    Punch (2.0/1.5/1.0)

Bug fixes

  • Linux users should now have the correct version
    Fixed Spectator taking up slots on server
    Fixed sync on environment and arena in mid-game rejoin
    Added new key to console prompt (the one left of “1” key)
    Fixed crash if spectator tried to use spells
    Fixed a bug in brace decals stretching wrong
    Made the Chat start from the bottom
    Shock no longer collides with gravity ball
    Improved projectile rotation sync
    Fixed an offset in XP bar in match summary
    Charge no longer upsets following camera
    The shop is no longer “click through” when you buy spells
  • Duration rings (on ex Windwalk) now show duration correctly
    Swapball and Chainhook now go through colliding spells
    Fixed an issue where spellcast-decal would show incorrectly



  • Added button to show/hide left scoreboard during match
    Increased shrink rate on levels: Clearing and Codex
    Added “Invite” button to Lobby
  • Solid objects now block Fireballs splash damage
    Improved bot behavior in preparation for proper implementation (still needs to be added with console command “SpawnBot 0-7”

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Hope to meet up with you in the arena!
(on the hot side of a fireball)

/Anders (@CannonFood)
-Frogsong Studios


Devlog #2 What Autumn Brings

Howdy there, and welcome back!

Hope your summer was pleasant and awesome! Ours certainly was – plenty of time spent sunbathing, reading and raiding (we’re still waiting for one of our party to return from Azeroth). With League of Legends Worlds kicking off, Overwatch World Cup starting soon and some interesting releases over the past few weeks, the coming month is certainly going to be action packed.

But all of this is nothing compared to what we have in store for you wonderful spellcasters and rock-pillar enthusiasts! Here’s a break-down of our current projects and goals over the coming weeks and months!

Engine Update

We’ve been digging in under the Spellsworn hood and are currently working on updating the engine. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be updating to Unreal Engine 4.13, so keep an eye out for this!


Bug Fixes

Along with swatting mosquitoes in the jungle and dealing with the seasonal flu that decided to visit early this year, we’re also crushing some in-game bugs. We’ve a large patch with fixes prepared that should be deploying this coming week, right after we’re done sweating the illness out in the Cauldron.



We’ve begun divine deliberations with sirens, nymphs and other ethereal creatures in the hopes of procuring some musical numbers for Spellsworn. So far, it’s going well; keep your ears out for a new Cauldron track in the coming patches!

Remaking Skins

We’re bringing Spellsworn sexy back! During our break, we took the Acolyte, Jule, Vagabond and Bogwitch shopping, finding new robes and better barbers for all (not everyone can handle Jule’s magnificent, majestic and mystical beard, and we’ll only have the best!). The original skins were placeholders while we stabilized and troubleshooted the system. But rejoice, the newly refurbished skins will be joining you in game in the coming weeks! Along with bringing the characters in line with our lore, these skin updates are preparation for some future content. So, brace yourself!


Bot Support

We are also making it simpler to add automated masters of destruction (a.k.a. bots) to your games (not beating them, mind you). Since not all of us have an arcane grasp of console commands, we’re making it possible to add them to your game via the lobby. Like all great spellcasters, their names will inspire fear and be rooted in the very fibre of Spellsworn’s lore.

blogdatebotsMailBanner01We’re continuing to act upon the wonderful feedback we’ve received from you in our forums and comments. Based on this, we’re tweaking some of the variables in game and measuring how this impacts the player and game experience; this includes spell damage, cooldowns, movement, and many more.

Our goal is to make Spellsworn as action-packed and fun as possible, and the first iteration of this should be going out this week. We’re very interested to hear your feedback on these changes, so please leave us comments, tweet us or send fireballs telling us what you think!



On a final note, we’re also happy to announce that we’re bringing more members to the Frogsong family – we’ve just hired another programmer to help the wonderful Zacho, and we’re bringing another creative artist to help us flesh out the assets, content and marketing materials. Be sure to give them a warm and hearty welcome if you see them around – and a good rock-pillar!

That’s all for this week! Have a great weekend and see you at tomorrow’s playdate!

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Hope to clash with you in the arena!
(Retreating bravely from your meteors)
/Anders (@CannonFood)
-Frogsong Studios


0.6.10 Relaxing times

20160825-BannerBehold! The closest thing a true wizard would call a postcard. Relaxing, having a drink on a throne decorated with trophies from crushed enemies.
This means things will slow down a bit in the upcoming weeks while we are getting ourselves some much needed R&R.



  • Added Tutorial parchment to main menu. See it by clicking the “?” in the main menu


  • Added Tutorial parchment to main menu
  • Gravity ball should now pull moving players
  • Fixed issue with the sound of walking in acid pool played for all players
  • Shock now predicts correctly


In Progress

So, “What else are you working on?”, “Where are my devblogs?” I hear you cry. Well, let me tell you!

Currently in the works is a better notification system in-game when you get a random drop post match. This ties into our overall retention and player progression plans, which is still in the works, but is off practicing fireballs while we sort the necessary steps.

We are also working on implementing the bots properly. We understand how important it is for you to practice at every opportunity for the weekly playdates (Tuesdays and Saturdays, 18:30 CEST) and we want to enable you to do so. This involves ironing out the AI, making them easy to add/remove from the lobby and making sure their Rockpillar is as Mighty and hard as can be.

We are also giving the characters a graphical overhaul, starting with the Vagabond.

(I felt the vagabond needed a few more belts)

So, as you can tell we have big stuff cooking and the alpha build is coming closer and closer! Now you go out there, relax and play some Spellsworn!
Oh, and don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the devlogs – we’re aiming to have another one added within the next month

Check these places to keep yourself up-to-date with everything Spellsworn
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And don’t forget our Playdates!
Tuesdays and Saturdays 18:30 CEST

Hope to see you there!
(bravely fleeing through dimension gates)

/Anders (@CannonFood)
-Frogsong Studios


0.6.9 Bug Smashing!

20160728-BannerSmashing vermin is generally beneath powerful warlocks such as ourselves, but sometimes you have to let go of your pride. Here’s a little patch fixing some nasty tiny irritating bugs.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Gold amount would be wrong on reconnect.
  • Experience should now show correctly in the match summary.
  • Fixed the issue where clients would see host user-controls in the lobby
  • Fixed an issue with chests only giving out the “Jule” character skin
    Made sure that people joining the lobby would stand in the correct place

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Hope to meet you face to face in the arena!
(“hiding” behind a valiant rock pillar)

/Anders (@CannonFood)
-Frogsong Studios


0.6.8 Summery Time Madness!


Greetings friend! I’m glad, as always, to see you, and very proud to present our latest update. I will make this short and get straight to the change log.


Added Post Match summary

  • Shows how much XP you got in the match
  • Shows your current and next level portraits
  • Get badges for bonus XP
  • 5 kills in a match
  • 5 Assists in a match


Spell tweaks

  • Fireball AoE damage reduced to 50% of full damage
  • Dimension gate range increased from 900/1000/1100 -> 1000/1150/1300
  • Ember Strike damage changed from 1/2/3 -> 1/1/2
  • Removed Damage on Windwalk, increased duration from 2.5/3.0/3.5 -> 3/4/5
  • Speed boost duration tweaked: 2.0 -> 1.0/1.5/2.0 and speed from 250/300/350 -> 300
  • Added Team pick up on Chakram
  • Moved Fetch from Area to Utility
  • Increased Utility cap from 3 to 4
  • Removed Soul Tear in preparation for rework


Misc tweaks

  • Added background to chat window
  • Increased cap on network traffic
  • Tweaked XP amount for each level
  • Added level portraits up to level 20
  • Added rank titles for each level up to 20
  • Added social media buttons to main menu
  • Updated Unreal engine to 4.12
  • Added sound to end-game summary


Bug fixes

  • Fixed end-game summary showing wrong winner of “most kills”
  • Fix bug where Lobby displayed wrong player count
  • Reduced startup time significantly
  • Fixed a bunch of minor miscellaneous bugs


With the new level system in place you might find yourself at a higher level all of a sudden. If you would like to start from scratch (I know I will!) and reset your progress enter the command: “ResetSteamStats” in the console DURING a match. (it will not work in main menu or lobby)

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Hope to level up together with you!
(using rockpillars mostly)

/Anders (@CannonFood)
-Frogsong Studios


Devlog #1 State of the order

“Greetings traveller! Come in, come in! Do make yourself comfortable – anything you wish, Doreth shall strive to provide. Warm fire, hearty company, a bed for the night? These are harsh times, but let not the strife and toil of war trouble you here. Doreth welcomes all to his inn, Order or otherwise. Come, come, enjoy a mug of our finest ale and lend your ear to the stories Doreth has to tellMailBanner01Hey everyone, and welcome to our Developer log!

No patch this week I’m afraid – we’re hard at work on dealing with engine upgrades, creating something extra special and doing all we can to make sure the Rock Pillar is as rock-solid as it can possibly be. With that out of the way, we’d like to tread a different path with you wonderful fans and fireball enthusiasts this week, in our new, monthly (hopefully) developer log. We appreciate the time, dedication and patience all of you have given to Spellsworn and us, and we’re hoping to show our appreciation for that by providing insight into some of the hard work, ideas and aspirations we give and have for Spellsworn. This week, we’d like to discuss the past, present and future of Spellsworn, and what we hope to work on in the coming weeks and months.


The Past

Two years ago, some friends and I decided to bravely throw ourselves into the void and do something we’d always talked about incessantly over beers. We started our own game studio and began the creation of Spellsworn; a game inspired heavily by the Warcraft 3 mod, Warlock, that we felt was the peak of a PVP arena battle. It focused heavily on player vs player combat that involved weaving combinations of skills and spells together to outwit your opponent.

What we felt was so special about Warlock was the pure simplicity and balance on offer that created an engaging, strategical experience and an even playing field. Every player had every spell and item available from the get-go, with the ability to upgrade and swap his/her loadout as the match progressed. This has two implications – firstly, you have the ability to forge and create your own playstyle from the very beginning, allowing you to dominate a match in your own way. And secondly, with every spell on offer and available to all from the beginning,  it means that the most important factor in the battles is YOU. There is no specific hero clearly better than any other, no clearly overpowered game mechanic that can be abused to dominate a game – the only factor standing between you and victory is you.  YOU are the hero, YOU are the one who makes the game and decides your fate, YOU are the one who rock pillars.

Other elements also stood out for us – with the arena shrinking and knockback increasing as you receive damage, the battle takes a sharper edge and an unavoidable exciting climax as it reaches its closing moments. Players are forced into close-quarter combat with almost no cover to protect them (unless you bring your own i.e. Rock Pillar). This adds another dimension to the player loadout as certain spells that proved invaluable in the early game could be your undoing in the late.

As we’ve watched the MOBA scene develop, and seen the variety of other PVP titles rise to the forefront, we had yet to see a title that offered the same experience and excitement that Warlock had. Therefore, with the blessing and help from their community, we decided to take our love for the mod and Warcraft 3 and craft our own game. Thus working from home, with nothing but a brand new Unreal 4 engine and coffee to guide us, we struck out on our own to forge Spellsworn. We’d had some experiences with minor projects and games in the past, but this was our first commercial endeavour. It hasn’t always been easy; we’ve had some pretty harsh downtimes and have been hit hard by the realities of running a business and creating a game. But, these experiences have only filled us with determination, and we’ve learned so much from them and had so much joy from the great things that have happened that we wouldn’t trade this for the world. The journey so far has been thrilling, enlightening, and fulfilling in so many ways. We take great joy from the work that we do, inspiration from what our peers and community do, and excitement from what we plan to do.


The Present

Right now, we’re quite happy with our progress in early access, and are delighted to see and read the wonderful feedback and experiences you’ve shared with a game we’ve poured our heart, energy, and coffee into. We appreciate not everything is perfect (*cough* more players *cough*) and we read and take onboard the feedback you provide to us. From our end, we feel that the core gameplay of the game is solid, interesting and engaging, evidenced by the positive feedback we’ve received, the wide array of spell configurations we’ve seen and the engagement we’ve seen at our weekly playdates (if you haven’t already, come play with us!).  I personally love trying to come up with unused combinations of spells to make the coolest kills; my proudest combo is the “Slingshot”, where you use Lockdown and Swap ball to bodyslam unsuspecting enemies far out of the arena – #gitgud.

XpBarThat said, we’re conscious of, and actively working on a number of critical issues that have been raised and on some of the long term milestones we have for Spellsworn. Right now, we’re currently focused on user retention, and implementing systems to provide meaningful feedback to your match performance and time invested in the game. We want to give winners the proper recognition they deserve and provide the losers with a sense of accomplishment, even if they spent too much time bathing in lava. On top of this, we’re also looking at improving and fixing some things under the hood, primarily bugs, networking issues, and engine issues.

The Future

Plans are set in motion to add more meat to the proverbial bone that is the core gameplay. We are rapidly approaching a stable Alpha-build ready to be launched during the summer/autumn, with lots of work done on the progression aspects of the game. We also want to add more in-game content, giving you more to work with while fleshing out the who, what, where, when and why of the universe. We want to provide voice, context and meaning to the cataclysmic battle that is tearing the world apart.

Personally, we rPaper_OvergrownSkulleally just want to provide a thrilling experience for you and your friends, and to make Spellsworn a game that you are delighted to show at a LAN or play for a night-in, that serves as an outlet for your creativity, and that provides you with experiences that you can take with you for life, just like the original Warlock has for us.

That’s all for this week, travellers. Thank you for reading, and more importantly, thank you for taking part in this journey – it wouldn’t be possible without you or your Chakrams. We’ll be back with our regularly scheduled patching next week, but we’d love to hear your feedback and comments on this, and whether you’d like this to be a regular segment. ‘Til next time (and don’t forget to try Doreth’s ale!)

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Hope to clash with you in the arena!
(Getting rocked by my mad pillars)
/Anders (@CannonFood)
-Frogsong Studios



0.6.6 – preparing the way

20160526-BannerGreetings my fellow dabbler of the arcane arts!
It was way too long since we last talked, and I have some great things to tell you but let’s get right into the patch notes.

Patch 0.6.6

Added First iteration of an End game summary

It shows you the Match Winner, and some other players worthy of notice,
and after a little while moves the whole game back to the lobby.

(note how Steve has “most deaths”)

Spell tweaks

  • Acid Pool can no longer be moved using Dimension gate
    Ember Strike damage increased from 1/1/1 to 1/2/3

Misc tweaks

  • Reworked splashscreens
    Reworked movement to feel more responsive
    Removed pre-alpha watermark from in-game
    Added new font and unified font usage
    Tweaked player circle to be more visible

Bug fixes

  • Fixed not selecting a color in lobby would make you no color
    Removed hidden debug keybindings
    Chests can no longer be used on other chests
    Keys can no longer be used on other keys
    Color arrows no longer steal keyboard focus
    Fixed Joining a game via steam-invite
    Fixed animation bugs with Bogwitch (had particle effects bound to them)

We have also started preparing a system for the implementation of vanity weapons, and adding bots in the lobby. So we have big things coming up in the near future!

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Hope to clash with you in the arena!
(blowing your mind with mad combos)

/Anders (@CannonFood)
-Frogsong Studios