Based upon the Warcraft 3 mod, Warlocks, and inspired by player vs player arena titles, such as DOTA 2 and Super Smash Brothers, Spellsworn combines the strategic diversity and depth of the MOBA genre with the fun and fast paced gameplay of brawlers. Each game of Spellsworn takes place over several rounds of battle, during which players must cast spells to damage and outwit their opponents, the aim being to reduce their opponent's health to 0.


At the beginning of the game, players are given a set amount of currency to purchase and upgrade spells with and the alloted currency is increased between each round. The ability to buy, sell, and upgrade their full arsenal of spells allows players to adapt their strategy in between each round and to find new and inventive ways to victory. Players receive no bonus currency for winning or performance, which evens the playing field and prevents snowballing - a common problem in MOBAs. Moreover, not being locked into a set character with specific abilities and characteristics means that matches are not immediately determined at the character select screen. Spellsworn offers a flexible and challenging competitive experience, while still giving players a fighting chance throughout the match.

Players are pit against one another in an arena surrounded by a hazardous environment that damages the player whenever they step upon it. As the round develops, the environment slowly encroaches upon the centre of the arena, reducing the maneouvrabiity of the player and also adding a further element of danger. Furthermore, this also adds another layer of strategic depth to the gameplay; a spell that may have served you well to outmaneouvre or harass an opponent from a distance may very well send you to your peril.